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Prof. Dr. Charles Bazerman

Universidade da Califórnia – Santa Bárbara.


Título: Genre, Social Activity, Social Systems, and Intertextual Systems

Resumo: In this introductory lecture I will introduce the concept of genre as mediating socially activity in mutually recognizable ways, or typifications. These typified forms (which are recognizable at the individual and social levels) are emergent historically and change with each use. We will look at some examples of historically emergent genres and how they change over time in response to changing conditions and strategic uses. We will also examine how social systems and associated genre systems coalesce into quasi-stable configurations that provide anticipatible grounds for action and how literate genre systems form an infrastructure for modern complex, distanciated society. We will also consider how networks of genres create intertextual system that provide context, meaning, and sites of social engagement for each new text.

Textos a serem lidos: (Há a versão original em Inglês e a tradução).

Chapter 4 "Intertextuality: How Texts Rely on Other Texts" / Intertextualidade: como os textos se apóiam em outros textos.

Chapter 11 'Speech Acts, Genres, and Activity Systems: How Texts Organize Activity and People" / Atos de fala, gêneros textuais e sistemas de atividades: como os textos organizam atividades e pessoas.

Local: Anfiteatro do Bloco 3Q – Campus Santa Mônica

Horário: 9:30

Público: Alunos de graduação, pós-graduação e professores.


Título: Speech Acts, Social Facts, and the Production of Knowledge in Social Situations

Resumo: In this seminar we will consider how the socially negotiated spaces of genres create intertextual domains within which knowledge appears, circulates and is used for a variety of purposes. We will look at a number of the knowledge systems that have emerged within the university and society more generally.

Texto a ser lido:

“The Writing of Social Organization and the Literate Situating of Cognition: Extending Goody’s Social Implications of Writing.”

Local: Sala 1U209 – Bloco U – Campus Santa Mônica.

Horário: 14 horas

Público: Alunos de pós-graduação e professores.

Textos disponíveis: na pasta 383 no xerox do Restaurante Universitário – Campus Santa Mônica – UFU.

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