Realismo Crítico - Conferência 2011

The 14th Annual Conference 5 –7 September 2011
Pre-Conference/ PhD course  2- 4 September 2011
Oslo University College, Oslo, Norway

A world in profound change - Welfare and Nature in Crisis
Interdisciplinary Understanding of Reality in
an Age of Global Capitalism

In a rapidly changing world a multitude of new challenges is presented to the social and natural sciences.  Human welfare is subject to crisis in many parts of the world, not only in the poor South but also in Eastern Europe and in many parts of the rich North.  Similarly nature is in crisis globally.  A globally encompassing capitalism is deeply involved and the consequences of the recent financial crisis are felt worldwide. Due to this many countries are struggling to develop new policies to secure employment, education, justice, social welfare, and nature. The need for in-depth understanding of social and environmental problems is urgent.
Together with acute poverty, climate change and destruction of natural ecosystems  are among the most pressing issues.  Changes in nature contribute among other things to climate refugees and migration among poor populations. Mono-disciplinary science has  limitations in understanding the realities of the present status.  In some  respects science is part of the problem, not least in natural and technological sciences.  This necessitates interdisciplinary research where critical realism is particularly able to contribute to a deeper understanding of complex phenomena.


February 1, 2011
Deadline for proposals to organize a working session

February 15, 2011
Notification about acceptance of proposals to organize a working session

March 1, 2011
Opening day of registration
Opening day of registration to the pre-conference /PhD course ( see “Pre-conference/PhD course”  for further information)
Opening day for submissions of abstracts of papers for a working session (see “Call for abstracts”).

April 15, 2011
Deadline for submission of abstracts of papers for a workshop

May 15, 2011
Notification about the acceptance of abstracts of papers

June 30, 2011
Deadline for early registration with a reduced fee
Deadline for registration of authors whose abstracts have been accepted.

August 1, 2011
Deadline for registration to the PhD course and for submission of a paper of approx. 3000 words for those who wants ECTS 5.

Pre-Conference IACR/PhDCourse
2 - 4 September 2011

The main topic of this years' pre-conference/workshop is Critical Discourse Analysis. Participants of the main conference as well as students and others who are interested in this topic are welcome.
The pre-conference is also arranged as a PhD course
Student ECTS: 5, provided that a paper of approximately 3000 words is submitted in advance of the course.
We recommend and welcome students to take part in the main conference.

Professor Karl Georg Høyer, Oslo University College, Urban Research Program
Professor Irene Levin, Oslo University College, Faculty of Social Sciences
Associate Professor Monica Kjørstad, Oslo University College, Faculty of Social Sciences

Professor  Roy Bhaskar, University of London, Institute of Education
Professor Lilie Chouliaraki, London School of Economics, Department of Media and Communications
Professor Alan Norrie, University of Warwick, Warwick Law School

Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) refers to a number of diverse approaches to analyzing relations between discourse, or semiosis, and other elements or moments of social processes. Semiosis is the making of meaning, and the means or resources for making meaning include language but also other semiotic modes such as ‘body language’ and visual images. CDA claims that discourse has causal powers and liabilities whose actualization is, however, contingent upon non-discoursal contexts. CDA draws from several disciplines in the humanities and social sciences, aiming to combine and interrelate analyses of language texts, processes of text production, distribution and consumption, and instances of sociocultural practice. Critical Discourse Analysis is inspired by and to a high extent consistent with critical realist philosophy of science, to which it has given important inputs.
The course consists of a combination of student presentation sessions, thematic discussions and lectures.

For more information, visit the event website.

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