III European Conference on Information Technology in Education and Society

During these years, education at all levels, and the social conditions for most people have not improved at the same rate as digital technology. In fact, the drop-out rate in formal education, involving a large number of students from secondary school and the university, and the widening gap between the experiences, life and values ​​of young people and adults, is beginning to be the source of a cause for alarm. Digital technologies are cast as a solution to today's educational needs, or alternately as a problem that needs to be resolved.

In this context and situation, it seems appropriate to re-offer a space where we may reflect together, in a conscientious and critical manner, on the processes related to the use of ICT in education, and what might be its role in the creation of knowledge.

From a critical perspective, and through the exchange of different views, practices and themes, the aim is to expand our knowledge about:
1.      New cultural and educational contexts derived from the development of digital technologies in a globalised world.
2.     The incorporation of ICT in teaching and learning processes.
3.     Methodological changes associated with the use of ICT and their impact in education practices.
4.     The role of educational policy in the promotion of educational innovation and improvement.
5.     The training of different agents in the education sector.

Participants' main task will consist of exploring and developing the issues that emerge during the conference. Participants will be able to make critical judgments about the value of ICT development and its use in teaching and learning, its impact on participation in contemporary society, and its role in shaping the future.

The conferences will accept submissions from research projects, experiences and proposals, that have been carried out from a critical perspective, on the following themes:
1.      Digital society's changes and challenges, and their implications for education.
2.     Learning and knowledge construction in a digital and mediatised society.
3.     Innovative uses of ICTs in teaching and learning processes, from early childhood to higher education and continuing education.
4.     New literacies in educational processes.
5.     Professional development for educational professionals, both initial and permanent.
6.     Creation and use of digital content.

The deadline for submissions is 30 September, 2011.

For information: http://www.ties2012.eu/en/index.html

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