10th International Conference on Terminology and Artificial Intelligence

Laboratoire d'Informatique de Paris Nord
Université Paris 13 – Villetaneuse
October 28-30th, 2013

Terminology for a networked society: Recent advances
in multilingual knowledge-based resources

TIA 2013 will be the 10th in a series of successful events which, for the most part, initially took place in the francophone world. Over a period of almost 20 years – the first conference was held in 1995 – TIA has increasingly attracted the attention of many researchers and practitioners all over the world, and its work has become truly international.

The aim of TIA 2013 is to provide an overview of the new ways in which multilingual terminology is present in an ever-increasing networked society, and to pay special attention both to the methods applied in the conceptualization of domain knowledge and to the applications and tools that will meet the requirements of e-society. In this way, terminology, linguistics and knowledge engineering provide the basis on which many other disciplines develop their applications such as domain ontologies, natural language processing tools, multilingual knowledge-based tools and web-based linguistic applications. New approaches to the standardization and to the reuse and integration of different tools designed to facilitate work in institutions, companies and society in general will be welcome.

The TIA 2013 Conference aims to promote interdisciplinary research focusing on the intersection of different disciplines that deal with terminological aspects and knowledge engineering resources. Papers may address both theoretical questions and methodological aspects on these issues, as well as interdisciplinary approaches developed to facilitate convergence and co-operation in terminological aspects of importance to society.

For its 10th anniversary, TIA conference comes back to Villetaneuse, where the first TIA conference was held in 1995. TIA 2013 is being organized by the RCLN (Représentation des Connaissances et Langage Naturel) group of the LIPN lab at Paris 13 university.


Terminology and ontology acquisition and management
- Applying pattern recognition to enriching terminological resources
- Lexicons, thesauri and ontologies as semantic resources
- Lexicons and ontologies as means for knowledge transfer
- Reusing, standardizing and merging terminological or ontological resources
- Multilingual terminology extraction
- Multilinguality and multimodality in terminological resources
- Management of language resources

Terminology and knowledge representation
- Ontological semantics and linguistics
- Ontology localization
- Development of multimedia terminological resources
- Terminology alignment in parallel corpora and other lexical resources
- Representation of terms and conceptual relations in knowledge-based applications
- Comparative studies of terminological resources and/or ontological resources from different languages, domains and approaches
- Terminological resources in the 21st century
- Harmonization of format and standards in terminological resources

Terminology and ontologies for applications
- Interoperability and reusability in knowledge-based tools and applications
- Models and metamodels in annotating semantic and terminological resources
- New R&D directions in terminology for industrial uses and needs


Abstract submissions: 21 June 2013
Paper submissions (long and short papers): 28 June 2013
Notification to authors: 3 September 2013
Final camera-ready paper: 23 September 2013

For information: http://flores.lipn.univ-paris13.fr/tia2013/Home.html

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