22nd annual SALSA (Symposium on Language and Society)

April 11-12, 2014
University of Texas at Austin

SALSA is an annual symposium promoting linguistic and sociolinguistic research at the University of Texas at Austin. Originally created through the joint effort of students from the Linguistics and Anthropology Departments at the University of Texas, SALSA has developed into an interdisciplinary conference with contributions from various fields, including Communications Studies, Foreign Language Education, Educational Psychology, Media Studies, Speech Communication, and numerous language departments. Our annual proceedings appear in special editions of Texas Linguistic Forum.

The theme for this year's symposium is "Language Ideologies and Language Structure". We invite the submission of abstracts regarding language as it relates to these categories. Examples of topics include but are not limited to:

- Education and language
- Literacies
- Verbal Art
- Gender and Language
- Language Acquisition
- Bi- and multilingualism
- Sociolinguistics
- Language Change
- Language Revitalization

Featured Keynotes:
Jillian Cavanaugh (Brooklyn College)
Paul Kockelman (University of Texas at Austin)
Danny Law (University of Texas at Austin)
Barbara Meek (University of Michigan)

Speakers are allowed 20 minutes each for presentations and 10 minutes total for discussion at the end of sessions. Papers will be selected based on the evaluation of anonymous abstracts, which may not exceed 250 words. Electronic submissions are required. Paper must not be already published.

The deadline for abstract submission is Friday, February 07, 2014.
Please send abstracts to salsautaustin@gmail.com, Subject: SALSA XXII Abstract. Please include the following in your message but NOT in the abstract, besides title:

1. Paper Title
2. Author's name (if more than one author, list primary author first followed by subsequent authors
3. Author(s) affiliation
4. E-mail address at which author prefers to be contacted
5. Equipment required for presentation

Additional information to come: http://studentorgs.utexas.edu/salsa/
Questions can be sent to salsautaustin@gmail.com
Conference presented by the SALSA Graduate Student Organization at UT Austin.

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