24th European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conference and Workshop

'Language in a digital age: Be not afraid of digitality'
1st - 3rd July 2013
Coventry University, UK

The 2013 European conference theme is Language in a digital age. It aims to explore how digital media are changing the meanings we construe through languages.

There are three main strands that focus on:
1. Texts that are born digital
2. Texts that achieve digitality
3. Texts that have digitality thrust upon them

Texts that are born digital would include tweets, blogs and facebook texts; these are texts which emerged in and are strongly shaped by their digital channels.
Texts that achieve digitality include online lectures and news reports, or electronic dictionaries; these are texts that had a previous paper or spoken life and have been transformed as they achieve digitality.
Texts that have digitality thrust upon them include spoken and written texts that are digitalised, often as part of a corpus project, and which thus can be analysed and received in new ways that enhance or reveal new meaning potentials.

We welcome papers that inform our understanding of digital texts from Systemic Functional Linguistics and other linguistic perspectives. Issues that might be addressed include (but are not limited to):
What is the influence of the increase in digital resources on language systems? What new meanings are afforded or constrained by digital channels? Should the fundamental opposition between speech and writing be replaced by a three-way opposition, or has digitality blurred this opposition? Has digitality changed how we theorise mode? How have digital research methods informed our view of language, or of specific texts? How have digital texts transformed our professional practice? as well asother similar topics.

Proposals for papers are invited and must be submitted by the 15th January 2013

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