12th world Congress of Semiotics

The strategic objective of this Congress is the expansion and reinforcement of the semiotic web. The Congress will not only attract the leading figures in contemporary semiotics but will, with Sofia as host city, provide exceptionally favourable conditions for wide participation. These include a specially organized low fee, comfortable budget accommodation and excellent organization.

"Innovation" is not only a theme from the title but also informs the organization of the Congress. The Congress will be preceded by a broad discussion on social media so as to enable participants to select the most interesting topics and facilitators for scientific sessions and round tables. This will also provide an opportunity to highlight the profile of new semiotics – that which constantly occurs on separate sites but which today needs to be strengthened by common formulations and a common strategy, new tactics for the affirmation of this disciplinary field both in the new academic realities and outside the university, in the labour market and the market of research services. New semiotics is thus global, project-oriented, and focused on its contribution to human endeavour within the flexible boundaries of interdisciplinarity.

Mirroring the innovations of semiotics, New Bulgarian University, the host of the Congress, was founded by a mandate of the Bulgarian Parliament in 1991 and is the largest private university in the country today. It is the host of the South-East European Center for Semiotic Studies (the organizer of the famous Early Fall School of Semiotics since 1995) and is the university which introduced and continues to be the seat of the major innovations in Bulgarian academia.

At a time of challenge for the university as an institution, for the humanities, as well as for culture as a whole, "New Semiotics: between Tradition and Innovation" has two main aims. It aims to facilitate presentations of cutting-edge research and it aims to seize the opportunity to demonstrate to the global community the central role that semiotics will continue to play in the analysis of life in contemporary societies.

The main directions reflecting the current state of the discipline are listed in the discussion panels. Papers for the Congress will present research that sits within the framework of any of those main directions (or, possibly, sits within emergent directions). You are invited to take part in the preliminary discussions by way of social media and to propose topics for the roundtables and study sessions. Please follow this link to participate to the discussions:

At the conclusion of these discussions, specific sessions and roundtables will be set up and abstracts will then be invited. All abstracts will be peer reviewed.

Deadline for paper proposals is 30 June 2014, but…
There are two options:
1)      Just send the proposal (up to 500 words) on info@semio2014.org and wait our answer if the proposal is accepted and in which round table or study session has been placed.
2)      Read carefully the information about the congress, check the existing proposals for round tables and study sessions listed here and contact their chairs with your paper proposal; if you do not find any proposed topic suitable to your interests check our discussions in social media and make there your own proposal for a Round table or study session, i.e. be part of the New semiotics!

Recommended timetable for the involved participants:

until 28 February
take part in the discussions in the social media or open your own topic and become a chair
until 31 May
closing the debates in social media, set up of the Round Tables and Study Sessions, a draft program will be published.
until 30 June
final arrangement of the round tables and study sessions, publishing of preliminary program
1 July – 15 August
proposals still can be evaluated, but there are less chances to be accepted and inserted into the most appropriate Round Tables and Study Sessions

For information: http://semio2014.org/en/home 

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