DN15. The 15th DiscourseNet Conference

Discourses of Culture – Cultures of Discourse
March 19-21, 2015
University Library “Svetozar Marković”, Belgrade

A topic of controversial debate today, ‘discourse & culture’ points to fundamental questions in contemporary society such as the role of the mass media in the construction and transformation of reality, the interrelationships between high and mass culture or the interpellations of subjects in their communities. Discourse is seen as a set of enacted processes that establish, protect or change conventions and thus reassemble the wide area of both material and immaterial environment. Therefore, the question of how discourse affects culture through a long chain of mediated actions and reactions stands in the focal point of many discourse researchers. The main aim of conference DN15 is to open an interdisciplinary dialogue concerning discourse and culture. Contributors are invited to make (sub-)culture(-s) an object within Discourse Studies or to discuss discursive phenomena in terms of culture. DN15 welcomes the critical reflection upon the discursive and cultural aspects of meaning, identity and communication.

This conference welcomes new methodological and theoretical approaches dealing with the nexus of discourse and culture. Contributors are invited to focus on inter- and transdisciplinary approaches in media studies and digital humanities, sociology, political studies, linguistics, literary criticism and cultural studies. The meeting presents the opportunity to join the DiscourseNet network and to develop new projects and cooperations. The working language is English, all contributions will be recorded (in consent with the presenters) and a publication is planed.

Participants are furthermore invited to take part in the organizational meeting of DiscourseNet held after the official part on Saturday if they want to become members, propose new ideas or talk about collaborative perspectives for discourse research network. Please send an email to the organizers if you want to join this meeting.

The event is free, but a small contribution for coffee etc. may be charged. Travel assistance may be available for a limited number of participants who are in need of financial support (please justify). The deadline for conference paper proposals (with name, title, a half-page abstract and a short cv) is the 1st of January 2015. Please contact the organizers via discoursenet15@ubsm.rs and dn15@ubsm.rs or visit the conference webpage at dn15.unilib.rs or dn15.ubsm.rs. DN15 is organized by Jan Krasni (Belgrade) and receives support from the ERC DISCONEX project led by Johannes Angermüller (Warwick).

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